Good Afternoon. Or morning or evening. Wherever you are whatever time it is. I hope you are well.

For the last few months I have been actively trying to loose some weight. I have lost a stone and a half so far. I am happy with this although want to keep going. I am doing SlimmingWorld. I was quite worried when I started as I had no idea what I was getting myself into or even how do-able it would be with my life. It turns out pretty possible.

Although, a couple of months ago I realised something – and this I have written about it my other blog. I am loosing weight but seem to be doing so very slowly. I wish it was a bit quicker at coming off. But it is coming off.  I am trying so hard to get down to a size and weight that I previously used to be.I realised the other month that the size and number I am trying to get back to was previously reached through anorexia. And it made me realise a few things. Like – is it going to be possible to get there. Am i striving for the un-reachable. Now, I wasn’t all bone, about to snap in half. But I did have bones sticking out and was pretty skinny. This un-healthy state is what I have been trying to get back to. And It’s really made me think. Is this really where I want to get back to?

So, no. Maybe not quite. But I still have further to go. I’ve kept going and lost some focus so I thought I would make a blog. To log meals and syns and to keep myself going and a purpose and something to report to. It won’t be daily. But regularly.

Each day is a new line. But how many new lines can we draw before the original point has gone. Each day we are faced with so many choices. Some better than others. Some more important than others. But it’s making those choices that keep us going on the right direction.

So lets go. Let’s get the focus back and start making those good choices.