Due to medical conditions I work from home (WFH) 2 or 3 times a week. This saves me having to travel and get shaken about, it keeps me safer if I am bad – to stop me falling. WFH has it’s pro’s and con’s.


  • I don’t have to go out in the cold.
  • I can get up later
  • It’s comfier
  • Finish work and I am home already


  • Same 4 walls.
  • Can get lonely
  • can get boring
  • I am not up and moving around as much – LAZY.

So, my Slimming world journey so far has pretty much all been without exercise – or very little at that. I went through a chronic pain rehabilitation program at the hospital in the summer and I learnt so much about so may different things. Especially how exercise and movement can help with chronic pain. To start with I was so on this plan and I created a plan at work for good days and bad days. Now, Since we moved house – (also summer) – my trip to work takes longer and I WFH more. Now – this has meant that I am not as active as  I could be and I am so keen to get back going with this for my mental and physical well being. This should also help me with my weight loss. So this week is the starting point. I have committed to it now with the group. 2 or 3 x wii fit sessions if nothing else and these on the days I am at home.

Today is day 1 of WFH since that idea. I am on it. It is a choice and a decision I made for me. I clock off at 6pm. The Wii Fit is going straight on. Let’s do this! I’ve put it here as well now. So I have to.