Morning, Evening, Afternoon. 🙂

So, as I said yesterday. The plan was to finish work and get on the wii-fit. I did it. I began with some muscle workouts and then did the stepping cycle a couple of times . At the end of each exercise – the little piggy bank appears and tells you what you’ve done. As it clocked in a minute or a couple of minutes at a time. Each time it made me – ‘you can do a bit more’ – I clocked up 15 minutes yesterday and then stopped. Could I have done more? – yes maybe – Did I have time to – again yes – even though the boyf had arrived home. Why didn’t I – because my pain levels were high and i was hurting. It was more about making a start and it being a slow gentle increase. It is making those decisions as to when to stop, what to do and how much of each activity to do. I chose to stop at 15 mins. It doesn’t sound a lot – but i have to be sensible. I have spinal issues and a chronic pain/fatigue syndrome called Fibromyalgia. – I have to listen to my body. Something I am not very good at.

So, yea, I’m not going to be running any marathons. But more any bit of exercise can help. Anything that gets me up off the sofa and doing something. Saturday – was the big food shop. Sunday – lots of housework. So far this week is going strong.

Yesterday finished on 10 syns and 15 minutes of  Body Magic.