Knowing what I should do….Versus what I did do…

So, yesterday after work… I didn’t jump on the Wii-Fit. I didn’t go for a walk and I didn’t go swimming. So. A big fat zero for body magic. I worked from home, finished work and all my energy ran away. I’d been extremely tired all day and sore and achey but I still held on to the thought of doing something but I caved at the last hurdle. I couldn’t do it. So instead. I had porridge and the a bowl of fruit, had a shower and went to bed early….although. Still didn’t sleep until 2.30am *sigh*.

So there I was. A choice- should I do what is good for me and going towards my goal for the week or chill out and rest. Some may say I made the wrong choice. Was I weak, un-focused, un-determined? OR maybe my body obviously needed to stop. A choice. It could have been the wrong one.

I finished the day on no body magic. And 14/15 syns. So still within limits.

Tonight after work has been similar.  My pain levels have been too high to consider body magic. However I will be cooking and building in some speed food, so at least that is something. I will make up for the body magic tomorrow with 2 x 15 minute walks at least.

Right, off I go. Dinner to make.