So. I’ve been on plan all week until last night….. my train home from work was super delayed. Like over an hour. So I waited 45mins for the next one which was rammed and there was another one 5mins later which was a slower one but I knew I’d get to sit down. So I finally left and got back into my destination station at 8pm…. I finished work at 6. So the Boyf came and picked me up which was awesome of him as the busses had stopped. He hadn’t eaten. I hadn’t eaten. We were both super tired….we had to stop at a shop quickly and by this point I’d been out for nearly 13 hours….  so. This happened.  

Am I proud of this decision. No. But by the time we drove home and started cooking it was going to be even later. And to be honest. It tasted so damn good. So – off plan I went. (It wasn’t all mine). 

Today’s dinner was a SlimmingWorld rissotto – chicken and bacon. Which was yummy and as we both had the day off because the kittens were getting spayed we did some batch cooking whilst they were at the vets. 

4 portions of bolognese – with lots of speed food in portioned on to 2 lots for the freezer. A cottage pie for the freezer and tonight’s rissotto so it was ready. I have gone over on my syns aswell today. 😞 so it’s weigh in tomorrow morning. I am half expecting a gain. But a maintain would be ok. And then I am back on it!! 

We went for a walk around town today aswell so I did some good walking. I also did my 2 x15 min walks yesterday. So it hasn’t been all bad  

I haven’t made the best choices food wise the last 36hours but I have tried to stick to my active stuff. 

Let’s see if the scales will be my friend. *hopeful*