Helloo 🙂

So, Saturday morning. Off I went. As I handed my book over I said to the lady “it will be a gain I’m sure” I stepped on the scales to see what the damage was. 1.5lb off! Well! I was pretty happy. But I think my body works behind by a week. Like Saturday last week was a 3lb gain  but I had been good the whole of the week leading up and had lots of speed food (to non SW peeps – that basically food that is supposed to boost your weight loss – mostly veg and most fruits) and this week Pizza was involved and I hadn’t had loads of speed food. So who knows! I couldn’t stay for group this week but I was happy with the number.

Through this blog and my SW journal that I bought this week I am determined to re-gain focus. By reporting here (even if no one reads) and keeping a log. I need to make the good choices.


So today. After work. I am going to try and do some WII Fit dependent on my back as it is very twitchy today. But I will try. On wards and up wards. Happy Monday Guys. New week, new decisions, new choices.