You know what I mean right? Always have good intentions and ideas but when it comes to it sometimes it just doesn’t work quite like that. 

For me – it’s often my pain or extreme fatigue that get in the way of any excersise ideas I have. I haven’t managed WiiFit yet this week but I have done 2 x 15 minute walks and a couple of shorter ones and tried to be up and around the office as much as I could. This makes me feel a little better. 

I said on Monday I would WiiFit but was too sore so thought I’ll push it to Tuesday. I was extremely knackered. 

I’ve not been too bad food wise either. I went over my syns by 1.5 so not to bad and then was under the next day. I’ve eaten as much speed food as I can. It probably isn’t the 1/3 of a meal each time but still. I’m trying to use speed food as my snacks during the day where I can instead of reaching for syns. I’m trying to drink more as I’ve realised lately that I drink very little. So The says I have worked from home I have drunk over 4 pints of diluted sugar free squash which is so much better than water Right? I mean I like water but it gets a bit dull. Anyway. I’ve been logging my food and I’m hoping this will help. 

I am trying to increase what I do and it’s making those good choices that will make the difference.