So I’m not a fan of Christmas or my birthday – which is a week before. However. Pancake day… now you’re talking. It’s my favourite day and meal. I love them so much and have done since. Forever!! I’ve been known to do pancake week on the lead up to the day. Teeheee. But this year I thought would be different. I’m on SlimmingWorld and there high syns and even if there not – the toppings are. So last week at weigh in – I was kinda like whatever happens happens. I love pancakes 🥞! 
So I looked about to see how I could make them SlimmingWorld friendly. I could use oats using my HeB, eggs, amongst others. I didn’t fancy the oat ones. But I thought I would try the egg ones…. which is beat up eggs and some sweetener. Which. Let’s be honest here. Is just thin omelettes…. right? Wellll. Yea. Pretty much. But. Actually it was alright. So I made a few of them because except the topping they would be free and filling being that they are protein. Filling up on these a bit. I then went to make a normal batch because I couldn’t have pancake day without proper pancakes. 

Standard the first couple weren’t fab but they were so tassssty. I don’t regret a thing. Lemon curd. Lemon and sugar. Golden syrup. Couldn’t be arsed with Nutella. The faff of trying to spread it etc. So all of the syns happened. But I haven’t used all my syns anyday this week. 

On the other hand I’ve been pretty sick and haven’t eaten much atall. I’ve tried to cram in as speed food as I can in the meals I have eaten and I haven’t used all of my syns everyday either. The other thing being I haven’t done any body magic either as been poorly but have attempted the office today so I have done some today. Not loads but that’s ok. 

It is what it is. It was so worth all the syns. Let’s see what the damage is on Saturday!