Making Choices

Everyday. Except yesterday.

All of the syns…. but so worth it. 

So I’m not a fan of Christmas or my birthday – which is a week before. However. Pancake day… now you’re talking. It’s my favourite day and meal. I love them so much and have done since. Forever!! I’ve been known to do pancake week on the lead up to the day. Teeheee. But this year I thought would be different. I’m on SlimmingWorld and there high syns and even if there not – the toppings are. So last week at weigh in – I was kinda like whatever happens happens. I love pancakes 🥞! 
So I looked about to see how I could make them SlimmingWorld friendly. I could use oats using my HeB, eggs, amongst others. I didn’t fancy the oat ones. But I thought I would try the egg ones…. which is beat up eggs and some sweetener. Which. Let’s be honest here. Is just thin omelettes…. right? Wellll. Yea. Pretty much. But. Actually it was alright. So I made a few of them because except the topping they would be free and filling being that they are protein. Filling up on these a bit. I then went to make a normal batch because I couldn’t have pancake day without proper pancakes. 

Standard the first couple weren’t fab but they were so tassssty. I don’t regret a thing. Lemon curd. Lemon and sugar. Golden syrup. Couldn’t be arsed with Nutella. The faff of trying to spread it etc. So all of the syns happened. But I haven’t used all my syns anyday this week. 

On the other hand I’ve been pretty sick and haven’t eaten much atall. I’ve tried to cram in as speed food as I can in the meals I have eaten and I haven’t used all of my syns everyday either. The other thing being I haven’t done any body magic either as been poorly but have attempted the office today so I have done some today. Not loads but that’s ok. 

It is what it is. It was so worth all the syns. Let’s see what the damage is on Saturday! 


Something always gets in the way. 

You know what I mean right? Always have good intentions and ideas but when it comes to it sometimes it just doesn’t work quite like that. 

For me – it’s often my pain or extreme fatigue that get in the way of any excersise ideas I have. I haven’t managed WiiFit yet this week but I have done 2 x 15 minute walks and a couple of shorter ones and tried to be up and around the office as much as I could. This makes me feel a little better. 

I said on Monday I would WiiFit but was too sore so thought I’ll push it to Tuesday. I was extremely knackered. 

I’ve not been too bad food wise either. I went over my syns by 1.5 so not to bad and then was under the next day. I’ve eaten as much speed food as I can. It probably isn’t the 1/3 of a meal each time but still. I’m trying to use speed food as my snacks during the day where I can instead of reaching for syns. I’m trying to drink more as I’ve realised lately that I drink very little. So The says I have worked from home I have drunk over 4 pints of diluted sugar free squash which is so much better than water Right? I mean I like water but it gets a bit dull. Anyway. I’ve been logging my food and I’m hoping this will help. 

I am trying to increase what I do and it’s making those good choices that will make the difference. 

Where the scales my friend…

Helloo 🙂

So, Saturday morning. Off I went. As I handed my book over I said to the lady “it will be a gain I’m sure” I stepped on the scales to see what the damage was. 1.5lb off! Well! I was pretty happy. But I think my body works behind by a week. Like Saturday last week was a 3lb gain  but I had been good the whole of the week leading up and had lots of speed food (to non SW peeps – that basically food that is supposed to boost your weight loss – mostly veg and most fruits) and this week Pizza was involved and I hadn’t had loads of speed food. So who knows! I couldn’t stay for group this week but I was happy with the number.

Through this blog and my SW journal that I bought this week I am determined to re-gain focus. By reporting here (even if no one reads) and keeping a log. I need to make the good choices.


So today. After work. I am going to try and do some WII Fit dependent on my back as it is very twitchy today. But I will try. On wards and up wards. Happy Monday Guys. New week, new decisions, new choices.


Those decisions…

So. I’ve been on plan all week until last night….. my train home from work was super delayed. Like over an hour. So I waited 45mins for the next one which was rammed and there was another one 5mins later which was a slower one but I knew I’d get to sit down. So I finally left and got back into my destination station at 8pm…. I finished work at 6. So the Boyf came and picked me up which was awesome of him as the busses had stopped. He hadn’t eaten. I hadn’t eaten. We were both super tired….we had to stop at a shop quickly and by this point I’d been out for nearly 13 hours….  so. This happened.  

Am I proud of this decision. No. But by the time we drove home and started cooking it was going to be even later. And to be honest. It tasted so damn good. So – off plan I went. (It wasn’t all mine). 

Today’s dinner was a SlimmingWorld rissotto – chicken and bacon. Which was yummy and as we both had the day off because the kittens were getting spayed we did some batch cooking whilst they were at the vets. 

4 portions of bolognese – with lots of speed food in portioned on to 2 lots for the freezer. A cottage pie for the freezer and tonight’s rissotto so it was ready. I have gone over on my syns aswell today. 😞 so it’s weigh in tomorrow morning. I am half expecting a gain. But a maintain would be ok. And then I am back on it!! 

We went for a walk around town today aswell so I did some good walking. I also did my 2 x15 min walks yesterday. So it hasn’t been all bad  

I haven’t made the best choices food wise the last 36hours but I have tried to stick to my active stuff. 

Let’s see if the scales will be my friend. *hopeful*

Knowing what I should do…

Knowing what I should do….Versus what I did do…

So, yesterday after work… I didn’t jump on the Wii-Fit. I didn’t go for a walk and I didn’t go swimming. So. A big fat zero for body magic. I worked from home, finished work and all my energy ran away. I’d been extremely tired all day and sore and achey but I still held on to the thought of doing something but I caved at the last hurdle. I couldn’t do it. So instead. I had porridge and the a bowl of fruit, had a shower and went to bed early….although. Still didn’t sleep until 2.30am *sigh*.

So there I was. A choice- should I do what is good for me and going towards my goal for the week or chill out and rest. Some may say I made the wrong choice. Was I weak, un-focused, un-determined? OR maybe my body obviously needed to stop. A choice. It could have been the wrong one.

I finished the day on no body magic. And 14/15 syns. So still within limits.

Tonight after work has been similar.  My pain levels have been too high to consider body magic. However I will be cooking and building in some speed food, so at least that is something. I will make up for the body magic tomorrow with 2 x 15 minute walks at least.

Right, off I go. Dinner to make.

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